Sunday, May 13, 2012

Olive Green & Tomato Red.

-Outfit: Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies, Bp. jacket, Madewell top, H&M shorts and Asos booties
-Armcandy: DKNY watch, Asos spike bracelet, vintage bangle & Forever 21 rhinestone spike bracelet

Met up with Crystal & Beth at Fashion Island last weekend for a shoot featuring some of Beth's Stella & Dot jewelry. I had the chance to style (and fall in love with) some really beautiful pieces, my favorites being the spiky bracelet & antique lace inspired gold cuff that Crystal is wearing! This was my first time seeing Stella & Dot jewelry in person and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and overall look of the pieces. As is evidenced by my preference for YT vs. blogging, I generally am not a fan of taking photos but I really love this set of photos! A big thank you to Beth for being such a fantastic photographer :)  

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


Sophia Elizabeth 


  1. Omg, Sophia!! I'm so glad you made an actual outfit post on here! Yaaay! :) You are so adorable, I love these photos!
    I love the details on your blouse, and I love the booties and shorts! Basically, love it all :)
    Any your hair looks so good a little shorter like that!

  2. ahh you finally posted here! missed u ! nice look! xx

  3. These photos are gorgeousness! You should definitely continue to post here as well.

  4. Love love love the red shorts! :D