Sunday, July 1, 2012


At Poshmark OC Posh Party (photo taken from their Facebook)

Crystal & I at OC Posh Party
3 day juice cleanse (c/o by Ritual Cleanse)

Crystal & I at Powerhouse! (photo from Crystal)
Me, Crystal, Min Ji,  Lori & Miriam at Shout PR Event (photo taken from their Facebook)
Winnings from booth! (photo from Crystal)
Armcandy with Crystal
Had a bunch of fun in the photo booth with these ladies! (Don't forget to follow me on instagram! @stylebysophia)
Crystal, Miriam, Alex & me at the end of the night! (photo from Miriam)

Hey guys! So sorry to have been so MIA of late but I've just been so super busy! I was hoping to do a video update today but unfortunately I've been sick and woke up today with my voice gone! So rather then leave you guys hanging I thought I'd do a quick blog update, here are some random shots from the past few weeks.

1. The lovely girls from Poshmark (and the founder Manish) came down from Northern California to LA & OC to host another Posh Party event & invited me to join again! This time I attended the event in Orange County which was held at Zimala in Huntington Beach. It was especially nice catching up with the Poshmark girls who I haven't seen since February & of course meeting some new faces too! And I loved getting exposed to Zimzala which is located right across the street from the beach! Both the hotel and restaurant patio are completely dog friendly, so I plan to take Chanel along for brunch with me one of these upcoming weekends! 

2. I was approached by Ritual Cleanse via my friend Min Ji to try out a 3 day cleanse provided by the company. I jumped at the opportunity since I have been toying with the idea on and off for a few years now, but ultimately have always decided against due to the price point & my general lack of experience with the process. I will be posting a full review on my channel as soon as my voice comes back. But I found the cleanse to be doable, revitalizing and not at all an unpleasant experience like I was expecting!

3. Quick shot in the bathroom between sets at Powerhouse! We were lucky enough to score floor seats and saw T.I, Snoop Dogg, J. Cole & Tyga perform! I had such a great time with Crystal & the show itself was definitely amazing! Although I definitely enjoyed Snoop's performance the most as far as music goes, Tyga without a doubt had the most visually appealing & overall engaging act of the ones that I witnessed! And oh, did I mention that he brought out Lil' Wayne as a surprise guest?! 

4. I attended Shout Pr's "Get in the Mix" event Wednesday night and had a blast! Such a fun event filled with raffle drawings, macaron samplings, DIY stations & a photo booth to goof off in! Time totally flew by and it was time to say goodnight all too soon! I loved getting to meet Lori who is the co-founder of Ritual Cleanse so soon after completing my cleanse, and I've gotta to say she looks so amazing in person! 

Although I don't have any images to show you, I did also want to let you guys know that I''ve started building a new site which will serve as a platform for all of my content! It's getting to be such a hassle to bounce around all my different pages and I've conceptualized a central location where I can house everything together giving both you & me a more streamlined & cohesive focal point. I'm really excited to finally be working on it; but I will be building the site on my own (unless I run into major issues)! If all goes according to plan I'm looking for the site to launch before the end of July! 

Sorry for such a wordy post! New videos coming soon I promise! I'm thinking it will go something like: Ritual Cleanse review,  collective June haul & then a college experience vloggy type vid what do you guys think? If you have any additional suggestions feel free to leave them below!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!


Sophia Elizabeth


  1. Been thinking of doing a similar cleanse and I can't wait to hear your experience. Really enjoy the topics you cover on your vlog. I like the health component you've added recently. I too am interested in eating healthy and staying active. Your beauty and fashion hauls are interesting too.

  2. Always so good to see you! You're too sweet...and I time will be a shopping/dancing trip! xoxo

  3. Great pics! Love all the armcandy! :)

  4. you looking cute as always xx

  5. all such stunning pictures! and outfits! ADORE your style!

  6. The Shout PR event was so much fun! You look chic as usual Miss Sophia. I wish I would have known it was YOU so I could have professed my undying for your a non-creepy way, LOL ;)

    xoxo Brittany